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Please save my computer...BSOD, No Operating System...
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Author:  brusenta [ Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Please save my computer...BSOD, No Operating System...

Hello all,

Recently I started getting BSODs and have now gotten to a point where I no longer have an operating system...

Below is the series of events that got me there. If anyone has any ideas of how to bring my computer back to life, I would be endlessly grateful.

1. Seemingly random BSOD with the following technical details:

*** STOP: 0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFFc0000005, 0xFFFFF88001653768, 0xFFFFF88002F84638, 0xFFFFF88002F83E90)

*** iaStor.sys - Address FFFFF88001653768 base at FFFFF8800160A000, DateStamp 4ed5a567

2. I ran various tests which all said that the machine was working fine and virus free. After BSODs kept coming I reset to factory image following the instructions on the Dell site.

3. That resulted in a "C:\\Windows\System32\NV is currupt" which then somehow sorted itself out through some self-fixing on the computer's part and, if I recall correctly, another factory reset.

4. Still had BSOD issues, still appearing seemingly at random, this time with the following technical details:

*** STOP: 0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFFc0000005, 0xFFFFF880014A4768, 0xFFFFF880031849A8, 0xFFFFF88003184200)

*** iaStor.sys - Address FFFFF880014A4768 base at FFFFF8800145B000, DateStamp 4ed5a567

5. All tests still say everything is ok.

6. I tried various options found on this site, including Bootrec.exe /FixMbr and /FixBoot to no avail.

7. I tried a solution that included adding .old to the iastor.sys driver and then replacing it with a different one, but my computer crashed during it.

8. After the above crash, Windows would not start even after all on-board repair options were attempted.

9. Because I could not reload to factory image, I tried reloading to a saved image I have on a portable hard drive, but the computer crashed during that, BSOD showing the following technical details:

*** STOP: 0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFFc0000005, 0xFFFFF8800456768, 0xFFFFF8800317E9A8, 0xFFFFF8800317E200)

*** iaStor.sys - Address FFFFF8800145678 base at FFFFF8800140D000, DateStamp 4ed5a567

10. Booting from a repair disc is now essentially the only thing I can do because if I do not a black screen simply tells me that I have no operating system. No attempts at loading the saved system image have gotten past about 1/4 done before crashing.

Sorry about epic above, but I figured the more info the better. At this point, all I want to do is just get the computer functional again. I have everything backed up, so I don't care about starting from scratch. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Author:  shoby [ Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Please save my computer...BSOD, No Operating System...


i hate to say this but to me it seem that your HDD is no longer OS capable, happened to me too (or similar), got a new HDD and everything was ok, but u can use the HDD you have now for data storage no problem.
its due to bad sectors or something but it simply cant handle an OS.

Author:  sirpaul2 [ Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Please save my computer...BSOD, No Operating System...

It could also be failed/failing RAM, or USB driver corruption.

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