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Windows 8 Downgrade Issues
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Author:  jumper918 [ Fri Apr 19, 2013 7:42 am ]
Post subject:  Windows 8 Downgrade Issues

Hey all,

Haven't been around for ages lifes been kinda crazy but ran into a problem that is bugging the hell out of me, and thought I'd drop by and see if anyone heres got any solutions.

I found a Win 8 Asus Ultrabook really cheap and had some cash to went for it. I think that was one of the worst descisions I've ever made.

It appears that Asus has gone out of their way to lock this PC down to be virtually impossible to reformat/downgrade to windows 7. If I try to launch the Win7 disk inside 8 it crashed out saying an error has occured and to try again later. A for the bios they have made it impossible to change boot order or boot into anything but windows 8. I've disabled safe boot, fast boot and still no luck. I've googled fairly thoroughly and not had any luck there.

I cannot stand Windows 8 (I want my start menu back :cry: and that god forsaken tile system :x might be fine for a phone but not for a non touch laptop or desktop PC) so am extremely eager to try and work around the lockdown to put 7 on.

Model is a ASUS VivoBook S56CM-XX097H Ultrabook.

Thanks any help no matter how far fetched much appreciated.

PS: So much for MS breaking the 1 good windows 1 bad windows cycle... :roll: they need to cut their losses, take the good out of 8 (Copying dialog, task manager etc.) and do a windows 7.5 especially now with XP finished and rebrand 8 as Windows Touch or something, seriously how to they expect companies or schools etc. to use this? Its a joke. End Rant

Author:  ha14 [ Sat May 04, 2013 10:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Windows 8 Downgrade Issues

wow impossible to format? perhaps to contact asus support and ask them, if you are Under warranty then things can be easier.

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