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 Post subject: Re: removing unwanted folders..
New postPosted: Tue May 03, 2011 12:19 am 

ITGeekRC wrote:
Jeet wrote:
ITGeekRC wrote:
Jeet wrote:
ITGeekRC wrote:
Great thoughts mate!!!!

My I throw another log in the fire?

According to this site:

http://ashampoo-uninstaller.en.softonic ... r-portable

REVO beats Ashampoo. :-(

However, when you install a software, it leaves a flurry of scattered trails throughout the registry, because Normal Uninstall, through Program & Features or Add/REmove in XP will not remove everything, not even registry leftovers.

I can forensically see what you have installed and uninstall, but the trails are still scattered. To monitor what changed and to undo those changes, unless you know ALL REGISTRY changes, than yeah maybe, but I doubt you will monitor it's registry entries, not that I doubt your skills. Think of your registry as a Giant Sea where treasures are buried under the sea floors but can't see it unless you do some digging, can you dig by hand?

This is just my theory perspective.... Emmmmm.....

Cheers mate

Great take, ITGeekRC, and you are perfectly correct, it's a impossible task.
As a matter of fact, I only know very little registry :oops: .
But I really want to learn more about it.
What would be your recommendation as an expert, on how I learn more about the Windows Registry? Links, Resources etc?
And you are most correct with the "big sea" similitude. Windows registry is really an awesome world, and I would really love to get much closer to it than I am now. Please suggest me some good resources mate.

Best, Jeet.

I disagree with you Jeet, but I'll let you have it your way... One doesn't have to be a Forensic Examiner to detects all evidence within a REGISTRY. I don't claim I know it all, but to my labs, exams, practice, studies... I know where to get information to the extent that you're not able to. Facts, I DON'T claim that I am better then you... Never did.. I speak from experience.

Good luck to you.

FYI: Please do not PM and ask me to answer your question, I feel like I'm being pushed. I have hundreds of things going on plus my finals are around the corner + 19 units, my children, life, etc... so, I'll reply when I can. Thank you... You've been a great sport, nothing wrong with expressing opinions... That's what makes this site great, but some people need to think... Trust me, I've made my mistakes in the past. We learn and we move forward, but we have to understand, many people read things differently then the way it is intended to be. Some look at it offensively, so I try to stay on point instead of posting redundant information that isn't relevant... Catch my drift mate?

Sorry mate if I disturbed you. You could have very well ignored my pm. Actually the I sent the pm as I thought you may not notice the post. Sorry. You have been a really good friend of mine. My heartfelt apologies :oops: . Perhaps the nature of strict formal education in India has made me ask you for sources. I really asked the question to you as my friend and guide. You have children and I am not even nineteen. I really respect you, please don't take my questions offensively. Sorry again friend. I really respect you.

It was not a matter of "DISTURBANCE" but rather "PUSHY."

It's all good. You deserved a reply because you work exceptionally well and make some valid and reputable responses.

Cheers mate

I will never push again, Promise :) . Thanks mate.

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